How do I get stated with a wrongful death case?

Getting your wrongful death case started is easy.  Just call Krupp Law Offices PC.  You will be immediately connected to a wrongful death lawyer at Krupp Law Offices.  During that phone consultation, we will review your case and give you a brief analysis of the situation free of charge.  We will answer all your questions.  If you want to move forward with the case, we will set-up an appointment and review everything with you.  You can bring anyone that you want to the meeting to answer everyone’s questions.  We will review you case and review the law with you and provide a full analysis of the situation.  We will also review attorney fees and costs with you.  There is no obligation.  If you decided that you want to pursue the claim, we will provide you with a written fee agreement explain how we are paid from the proceeds to the lawsuit.  You only pay when your case is settled.  There is no fee if you do not receive a settlement.  It is just that easy.